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We have

Quality instruments of all types including Banjos, Mandolins and Ukuleles, Violins and Violas, Guitars, Basses, Percussion, Band and Orchestra, as well as instruments for toddlers and young players.  Books and Accessories and knowledgable staff ready to help you with anything you need.


Service is our total goal 

We stand by our many years in business and experience in all types of instrument and electronic repair.  We pride ourselves on giving you the best and friendliest service anywhere. That means even if we don’t have what you need and the competition does, we’ll gladly send you there. 


We partner with the Bitterroot School of Music to offer both private and group lessons to our customers.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or just beginning a new journey, BSoM is here to help. Classes range from styles ensembles to music for toddlers and all points in between. Instructors are gleaned from the finest in the region and are passionate about quality music education for everyone.


We believe in the power of community. That’s why we sponsor projects that give back. Last year we helped send harmonicas to Burma refugees by raffling off this banjo. Proceeds helped a local group travel to the war torn county to help rebuild a community and share the gift of music!


After many years serving the greater Hamilton area, Jim Hayes has retired. In a new incarnation, Rooted Music will continue to offer outstanding service, quality products, accessories, exceptional music education and performance opportunities! We are proud to serve the greater Hamilton area as the Bitterroot Valley’s premier music store!


Jenn Adams, Owner / Instructor 

Marcia Rubie, Owner

Cove Jasmin, Instructor

Beth Robbins, Knows just about everything

Sam Downing, Band Instrument Technician 

Galen Bush, Master Sweeper